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Last Updated March 22, 2024
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You can always get a chance to play games with friends around the world at any time, whether you are chatting with your friends or playing a specific game together. without a doubt This leads to the Discord APK, which improves your gaming experience. Today we will tell you about the main features and benefits of Discord APK Download new version v194.17 so that you can also install it on your Android device right away and connect with your friends.

Discord APK download

What is Discord APK?

Discord APK is a high-ranking communication app that provides a virtual space where people can build communities, stay close, and have fun over text, voice, and video chat.

users can share ideas, have meetings, or just talk to friends about their day without clogging up a group chat. by the help of this apps feature which organized into topic based channels allowing users to create invite whom they want to.

Users can also send a message directly to a friend or call them up with the voice chat feature.

The app also provides voice and video chat for reliable communication with friends.

in addition, Discord is a very useful application for video game fans. It lets you connect with other gamers easily and quickly, and manage every aspect of your account.

Discord is a free app. However, it does include paid special features as well.

Features of Discord APK Download:

make life easier:

Discord APK v194.17 allows you to easily connect with your friends. You can add a basic number of friends and create your own special groups to which you can add your friends.

world of entertainment:

With Discord APK you can play games with your friends and not disturb them by voice chat with them. In addition, you can listen to music and chat with your friends through video calls.

peace and exclusivity:

Discord APK takes the security of your private information seriously. Allows you to secure your account with local two-factor authentication so that no unauthorized person can access your account.

Many channels:

In Discord you can create different channels , each dedicated to a specific topic or group. This feature is very useful for grouping and structured communication.

Multiple Platform Support:

Discord is available on various platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

Application company provided:

Discord is a big and well-known company that provides constant updates and new features so that users can always get a new and better experience.

Steps to download

Official Website: To download Discord APK, firstly, you need to visit the official Discord website (https://discord.com/).

Download Button: On the official website, you have to click on “Download” or “Download” button.

Choose your platform: then, you have to choose the platform you want to use (Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac).

download: After that, choosing the platform, you will get the option to start the download. You can also install Discord APK in your device by clicking the download button.

Frequent questions

How do I add a contact to discord?

To add a contact to Discord you must have their user name and tag. Open the friends tab and choose the adding friends option. Paste the name and tag without spaces, and send the request.

How can I create server in discord?

To create your own server in Discord press on the “+” button located on the lower right side, and choose to create a new one. Write a name for your channel and add a photo to differentiate it from the rest.

is it useful to use Discord?

Discord is popular for gaming communities, chatting with friends, and also for grouping. It’s simple, secure, and available on multiple platforms

Is Discord free?

indeed, Discord is free, and you can use it without making any purchases.

Is it necessary to create an account on Discord forever?

Yes, it is necessary to create an account in Discord so that you can join chat rooms and communicate with friends or groups.

Are conversations special in Discord?

Yes, Discord provides various security features to protect its users and keep.


Discord APK v194.17 provides a modern way of gaming and chatting with your friends.

Gives you a chance to enjoy delicious moments and fun by hanging out with your friends.

This is a free and peaceful option that you should install on your Android device right away.

So it’s time to connect with friends, install Discord APK on your Android device and join the world of modern communication.

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