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Pokemon Go APK For Android devices Free Download

Lets explore things about pokemon Go.

Are u also a fan of pokemon ?because I am also if you haven’t download it go do it and enjoy .

Pokemon go is best mobile game app by game developers which is playing all around the world where they give chance to catch pokemons and trained in the real world. The game uses mobile data to actually tell us a specific location around the world where we can spot Pokemon. In addition, we get different achievements and can connect Pokemon together with our friend.

How to play?

To play Pokemon Go, you first need to download this app on your mobile device. after installing the app, you have to create an account. After that, you have to activate your mobile’s camera and GPS so that you can actually catch Pokemon on the move in the world. When a Pokemon is near you, you kill your device by pointing the camera at it and catching it.

Feature of Pokemon Go APK

  • Pokemon Go gives us the opportunity to really roam the world and see new places.
  • This game app connect people with each other and have more fun with friends.
  • pokemon Go has given people the opportunity to meet each other and build good relationships.
  • the game offers you to buy different compliments from store for example, pokeballs, portion and baid modules.
  • To keep game interesting, they includes dozens of events where you must complete other users to earn rewards.
  • You can participate in different GO Battle Leagues, organized by levels.

Important Note

  • This app is free to download or play and also be purchased from your google play store setting.
  • you can only play this game in smartphones not in tablets.
  • it is mandatory to play this game on internet access in order to obtain accurate location information.
  • you have to enable gps all the time when you try to catch Pokemon around you.
  • you can play this game app on Android 4.4 or higher.
  • Please visit forfurther information.

Now is the ideal time to get rolling — your genuine experiences anticipate!

Catch more Pokemon as you can to complete your Pokédex!

Explore and discover Pokémon wherever you are ! Lets Go

for more help and information you can visit Pokemon Go official FB page at:

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