Extreme Car Driving Simulator For Android Download

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

What is Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK?

Extreme Car Driving Simulator APK is popular mobile game app that helps to train players and test drive their skills, hazard and risk management ability and offers players a realistic driving experience using different cars by passing different missions and level up the game.

After completing missions app provide rewards fir their achievement as well which are use to unlock new features and cars.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Users are fully allow to customize their car by their own interest including color or mechanical settings etc…

you just have to click on car to select for driving and also you can stop the car by pressing on brake pedals.

Additionally, speed will show on screen at kilometer per hour at which car circulate which help players to pass the mission in targeted time.

Players can customize their vehicles with different paint jobs and upgrade level.

Features of Car Driving Simulator:

  • Fee to Download and play .
  • Customize your car in the paint workshop.
  • This app is based of 3D graphics.
  • several game modes to keep players engaged. like, free mode, traffic mode and check point mode.
  • control over the car, with tapping on-screen accelerator, brake, emergency light, and steering.
  • full of physics .
  • No police or traffic that disturb players driving.
  • a wide range of vehicles,
  • real car driving experience including realistic car handling, controls, and vehicle damage systems.
  • Players can experience driving in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog.
  • regular updates to improve the game quality.
  • Earn points to unlock new vehicles and upgrades.
  • Give driving lessons for beginners.
  • provides multiple control options, including tilt, buttons, and steering wheel modes.
  • Background music

How to Install Car driving game?

To install Extreme Car Driving Simulator in your Android device, download the APK from APKSWIFT official website, press Latest version and then Download , then confirm its installation and enjoy.

Tips for New Players

  1. first try Free Mode to experience and then go to the different mode and find the one that suits you best.
  2. Take your time to explore the open world environment to discover hidden areas and shortcuts.
  3. Regularly upgrade and customize your car to improve your car skill.
  4. Participate in various challenges to earn rewards to unlock new cars and features.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is more than just a game; it’s a way to a world of automotive adventure.

Download the app and dive into the high-speed world of Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

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