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Latest Version 3.4.9_d6d9ecb2c
Last Updated February 25, 2024
Publisher Hide Apps (NO ROOT)
Requirements Android 5.0+
Category Apps
Size 19.86 MB
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If you are worry about your privacy? Download calculator vault as soon as you can.

Download calculator vault

In this advance technology era where smartphones become essential in our personal and professional live to utilize as that privacy become more important.

all mobile users have different personal apps on their smartphones which they prefer to hidden from other people for privacy whether they are secret messages, call history, pictures or any confidential data for that the unique ”THE CALCULATOR APP HIDER” is offering easy solution for your privacy issues.

This app also creates a storage space that can only open by entering a secret PIN, password, or a fingerprint. Users can save their confidential data into this hidden app.

Download Calculator Vault : App Hider, it is a best way to protect your privacy by hiding apps and other files behind a basic calculator app.

over millions of people are using calculator Vault to keep their photos & videos hidden. 

Installing this app doesn’t require you to root your android device

Features of The Calculator App Hider:

  • The app is encrypted with advanced security which protect your require files from other people. This shields your confidential data from any threats like hacker or unauthorized users.
  • Hide all installed applications.
  • Using this app is very simple and easy.
  • it allow users to access their hidden files using biometric authentication methods, such as fingerprint or facial lock.
  • this app are captures photos of anyone who attempts to access the app using an wrong password.
  • it also offers a decoy mode where users can also set up a secondary PIN that opens a “fake” vault.
  • it provide the option to back up your hidden data.
  • This app also offers the feature to reset the passwords if you forget.
  • this app is free to download and use.

Furthermore, Business professionals can use the app to store confidential documents, contracts, or sensitive information related to their work.

Banking details, credit card information, and other financial data can be stored securely within the app.

The app can be used to keep personal journals, diaries, or notes that you want to keep private.

Should you use I calculator app hider?

The decision to use a Calculator App Hider depends on your individual privacy needs.

If you need an extra layer of security for your personal data, whether it’s due to sensitive work information or personal communication, a Calculator App Hider could be best solution for that.

How to use Calculator Vault?

The first time you start using, no PIN is needed to enter Calculator Vault. Open the application and set the password, and then you can start using the hidden app.

How to hide photos in Calculator Vault?

Click the app hider app gallery icon then,

click on Add ‘input folder name’ to create a folder, select pictures or personal photos,

and then click the save button to import the picture into the created private file.

How to add an app to Calculator Vault?

In the hidden app, click the add app button.

You can see the phone’s applications, select the app to add to Calculator Vault-App Hider, and click on the import apps button.

How to delete apps from Calculator Vault?

In the hidden apps interface, long-press the hidden app, drag the application to the delete icon to remove the hidden application.


Moreover, Download calculator vault it is a best and convenient solution for anyone looking to enhance their digital  privacy.

it secure access to ensure that your private app remain  safely hidden, providing safeguarding your personal information is more critical then ever.

calculator app hider offers an additional layer of protection they should be used with other security to create a privacy strategy. 

As well as that this App includes itself as a standard calculator app.

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